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Demystifying the R and R Process

We often get questions about the revision process, what it's like, how to respond to reviewers, how significant the revisions should be, etc. While the revise and resubmit process is always idiosyncratic, we thought it would be useful to show you a few examples of papers that have been successful navigating the process, from first version and reviews all the way to the final product. These are meant to be helpful examples and are not "recipes" for getting through the process. Ultimately the success of any paper is defined by the authors, reviewers and unique challenges of the manuscript. Nonetheless, we hope you find these useful.

EXAMPLE # 1 - Human Resource Practices and Helping in Organizations

EXAMPLE # 2 - Making Sense of New Ventures: Analogical and Metaphorical Reasoning and the Discursive Creation and Justification of New Ventures

EXAMPLE # 3 - Chutes versus ladders: Anchoring events and a punctuated-equilibrium perspective on social exchange relationships

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