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The Board of Governors, the primary governing body of the Academy, has legal and fiduciary accountability for the association and primary responsibility for direction setting and policy development.  The Board of Governors is comprised of 15 individuals, including the president, president elect, vice president and program chair, vice president elect and program chair elect, past president, nine representatives-at-large, all of whom are elected. The executive director and secretary-treasurer is an ex officio member of the Board.

Current members of the Academy of Management Board of Governors include:

2017-2018 Board of Governors

President: Mary Ann Glynn
President Elect: Carol T. Kulik
Vice President and Program Chair: Jacqueline A-M. Coyle-Shapiro
Vice President Elect and Program Chair Elect: Quinetta M. Roberson
Past President: Anita M. McGahan
Representatives at Large: Stacy Blake-Beard, Laura B. Cardinal, Elizabeth George, Aparna Joshi, Alison Konrad, Carrie Leana, David Patient, Chris Quinn Trank, Batia Wiesenfeld

Mary Ann Glynn, Boston College
Mary Ann Glynn is Joseph F. Cotter Professor of Management & Organization, Research Director of the Winston Center for Leadership & Ethics, and, by courtesy, Professor of Sociology at Boston College.  She is also an Honorary "Adjungeret Professor," Copenhagen Business School, and faculty affiliate, Stanford University's SCANCOR-Boston.  An AOM Fellow, Mary Ann has actively served the Academy for the last 30 years, as Representative-at-Large (two 3-year terms each for Board of Governors and OMT), as Executive Officer for the MOC division (five-year term); and contributor to multiple AOM task forces, committees, and consortia.  Born, raised, and educated in NYC, Mary Ann earned her Ph.D. at Columbia University.  She served on the faculties of Yale and Emory Universities, as well as the University of Michigan and Harvard Business School, in visiting positions.  A member of the editorial boards of AMJ, AMR, and Organization Science, Mary Ann received outstanding reviewer awards from all three journals; she has also been an editor for Journal of Management Inquiry and guest co-editor for AMR.
Teaching and research are core to her identity.  Mary Ann is an MBA "instructor with impact" and an influential mentor to PhD students.  As a researcher, she builds bridges across theoretical and methodological domains to bring together different sets of ideas and people.  Currently, her work focuses on collective identity, cultural entrepreneurship, and institutionalism, in the context of market categories and fields.  Mary Ann has published in the top management journals, as well as those in sociology and psychology; her research twice received AOM's IDEA Thought Leader Award.

President-Elect & Coordinator of Professional Divisions 

Carol T. Kulik, University of South Australia2016 Carol Kulik-correct size 

Carol T. Kulik earned her PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and is a Research Professor of Human Resource Management at the University of South Australia. Her research focuses on understanding how management practices influence the fair treatment of people in organizations. Current projects include investigating strategies for closing the gender gap in salary negotiations, reducing stereotype threat among mature-age workers, and increasing access to employment for people with disabilities. Carol's research on gender and diversity has been recognized by the Academy of Management's Gender & Diversity in Organizations Division and the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology.
Carol is particularly interested in bridging the academic-practice divide and ensuring that academic research addresses problems of interest to the business community. Her book Human Resources for the non-HR Manager makes cutting-edge research on human resource issues accessible to both HR and non-HR managers alike. In addition, Carol also enthusiastically collaborates with research partners in the business community, including the Australian Senior Human Resources Roundtable and The 100% Project.
Carol has served two terms on the Organizational Behavior Division's Executive Committee, as Representative-at Large, and later as Division Chair. She has been an Associate Editor at the Journal of Management and is currently an Associate Editor at the Academy of Management Journal. She served on the Australian Research Council's College of Experts.

Vice President & Program Chair 

Jacqueline A-M. Coyle-Shapiro, London School of Economics2016JCoyleShapiro 

Jacqueline A-M. Coyle-Shapiro is a Professor in Organizational Behaviour in the Department of Management at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) where she completed her PhD in 1996. Her prior leadership positions include serving as Chair of the Academy's OB Division 2014-15, Head of the Employment Relations and Organizational Behaviour Group at the LSE from 2010-2013 and Senior Editor at the Journal of Organizational Behaviour from 2007-2012.  She has held a number of visiting positions in the US, Australia, France, Ireland and, taught in Singapore, Colombia, Norway, Germany and Portugal.She has co-edited two special issues of journals and two books on the employee-organization relationship: The Employment Relationship: Examining Psychological and Contextual Perspectives (2004) and The Employee-Organization Relationship: Applications for the 21st Century (2012).  Her research interests include employment relationships, psychological contracts, social exchange theory and, organizational citizenship behaviour. She has published in such journals as the Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology and Journal of Organizational Behavior. Her current work examines ideological currency and calling and; employee-organization relationships and health.Within the Academy, she has served on a number of Awards Committees (the Terry Book Award and the OB Division's Cummings Scholarly Achievement Award, for example), the AOM Second Conference Taskforce, Cross-Divisional Roundtable Committee and, more recently, the Division and Interest Group Relations Committee. She has participated in a number of Junior Faculty Workshops and Doctoral Consortiums for several Divisions (ODC, OB and HR).

Vice President-Elect & Program Chair-Elect 

Quinetta M. Roberson, Villanova UniversityQuinettaRoberson

Quinetta Roberson is the Fred J. Springer Endowed Chair in Business Leadership and a Professor of Management at Villanova University, formerly an Associate Professor of Human Resource Studies at Cornell University. She has had the amazing opportunity to be a visiting scholar at universities on every continent (except Antarctica, but there's still time) and to serve as a program director at the National Science Foundation. Prior to earning her Ph.D. from the University of Maryland, she obtained undergraduate and graduate degrees in finance and worked as a financial analyst.
Quinetta's research and teaching interests are in the fields of human resource management and organizational behavior – specifically, the experience and effects of diversity and fairness in organizations.
Her work has been published in AOM journals, such as Academy of Management Annals, Academy of Management Journal, and Academy of Management Review, as well as other top journals in the field. She has served as an Associate Editor at Journal of Applied Psychology, served on several editorial boards, and is a Fellow of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology.
Quinetta has been an active member of the Academy of Management for over 20 years. In addition to actively contributing to, and reviewing for, the annual PDW and scholarly programs, she has worked various leadership roles, including: New Doctoral Student Consortium planning committee, Human Resources Division Best Student Paper Committee Chair, Gender and Diversity in Organizations Division Executive Board, Diversity & Inclusion Theme Committee Chair, and Representative-at-Large on the Board of Governors.

Past President


Anita M. McGahanAnita McGahanUniversity of Toronto

Anita M. McGahan is Associate Dean of Research, PhD Director, Professor and Rotman Chair in Management at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto.  She served the Academy over an eight-year period in various elected positions within the BPS Division, including as BPS Division Chair. Subsequently, she chaired the Academy's Terry Book Award Committee.  In 2010, she was awarded the BPS Division's "Irwin Distinguished Educator Award" and, in 2012, the Academy conferred on McGahan its Career Distinguished Educator Award in part for her championship of reform in the core curriculum of Business Schools. McGahan is Senior Associate at the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness at Harvard University, and is Chief Economist at the Massachusetts General Hospital Division for Global Health and Human Rights.  At the University of Toronto, she is cross appointed from the School of Management to the Munk School of Global Affairs.  Her credits include two books and over 100 articles, case studies, notes and other published material on competitive advantage, industry evolution, and financial performance. McGahan's current research emphasizes entrepreneurship in the public interest and innovative collaboration between public and private organizations.  She is also pursuing a long-standing interest in the inception of new industries, particularly in global health.  McGahan earned both a PhD and MA (Business Economics) in two years from Harvard University, an MBA as a Baker Scholar from the Harvard Business School, and a BA in Humanities (Phi Beta Kappa) from Northwestern University.


Stacy Blake-Beard, Simmons College2016Blake

Stacy Blake-Beard is a Professor of Management at the Simmons College School of Management and a Senior Faculty Affiliate at the Center for Gender in Organizations at Simmons. Dr. Blake-Beard's research centers on the challenges and opportunities offered by mentoring relationships, with a focus on how these relationships may be changing as a result of increasing workforce diversity. She is particularly interested in the issues women face as they develop mentoring relationships. Dr. Blake-Beard has been the recipient of numerous grants and fellowships, including awards from the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, and the Ford Foundation. She is also the recipient of a Fulbright Award, which was awarded to support her project entitled "Systems of Sustenance and Support: Exploring the Impact of Mentoring on the Career Experiences of Indian Women," in partnership with the Center for Leadership, Innovation and Change at the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad, India. Dr. Blake-Beard has been an active member of the Academy of Management since 1990, and has held a number of positions during her time with AOM, including GDO Division Chair, Mentoring Committee Co-Chair and Careers Division Executive Board Member. Dr. Blake-Beard holds a BS in Psychology from the University of Maryland at College Park, and an MA and a PhD in Organizational Psychology from the University of Michigan.


Laura B. Cardinal, University of South Carolina2016Cardinal

Laura B. Cardinal is the SmartState Endowed Chair and Director for the Center for Innovation and Commercialization at the Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina. She earned her PhD from the University of Texas at Austin, where she received a National Science Foundation grant. Previously, Laura was a faculty member at Tulane University, where she served as Director of the Burkenroad Institute for the Study of Ethics and Leadership. Laura's expertise is mostly in the implementation of innovation goals and strategies, and includes the effects of organizational control and coordination on innovation, R&D, and new product development teams.
Dr. Cardinal joined the Academy in 1985, and has attended every Annual Meeting since. She has served as chair of the Technology and Innovation Management Division, and has acted as a faculty facilitator for numerous junior faculty and doctoral student consortia. Laura is an Associate Editor of Academy of Management Annals, and serves on the editorial boards of Academy of Management JournalAcademy of Management DiscoveriesOrganization ScienceStrategic Management Journal, and Journal of Organization Design.
Laura's work has been published in Academy of Management JournalOrganization ScienceStrategic Management JournalJournal of Accounting and EconomicsJournal of Organizational Behavior, and other outlets. Her co-authored research (with Michael Fern and Hugh O'Neill) won a best paper award from the Academy's Entrepreneurship Division, and her co-edited book (with Sim Sitkin and Katinka Bijlsma-Frankema), Organizational Control, was published by Cambridge University Press.



Elizabeth George, University of AucklandElizabethGeorge(1)

Elizabeth George (Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin) is Professor of Management in the Graduate School of Management of the University of Auckland. She has held academic positions at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Australian Graduate School of Management, University of Queensland and Western Michigan University as well as visiting positions at Duke University and the Indian School of Business.
Elizabeth has an active research interest in nonstandard work arrangements and diversity in the workplace. Her work has been published in major international academic journals such as Academy of Management Review, Academy of Management Journal, Administrative Science Quarterly, Journal of Applied Psychology, Organization Science and the Academy of Management Annals. In addition, her research has been used by the International Labor Organization and the US Society for Human Resource Management to help inform public policy and management practice.
Elizabeth has been a member of the Academy of Management since 1992, and has attended every meeting since 1994. She has served two terms on the executive of the Managerial and Organizational Cognition Division, the first as International Rep-at-Large and later as Division Chair. She has also served on various committees including the Cummings Achievement Award Committee and the William H. Newman Award Committee. She is a currently co-editor-in-chief of Organizational Psychology Review, associate editor for a second term on the Academy of Management Annals, and on the editorial boards of Academy of Management Journal and Academy of Management Discoveries.


Aparna Joshi,Pennsylvania State University2016AparnaJoshi

Aparna Joshi is a prolific and award winning researcher in the areas of diversity, gender issues at work, leadership and collaboration in global teams, generational issues in the workplace, and international and cross-cultural management issues. She is currently the Arnold Family Professor of Management at the Smeal College of Business, Pennsylvania State University. Prior to joining Penn State, she was on the faculty of the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana. Her work in the area of gender dynamics in engineering work groups was awarded a National Science Foundation grant in 2010. Her research appears in the top journals in the field of management such as the Administrative Science Quarterly, Academy of Management Review, Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, OBHDP, and Organization Science. Aparna's work has received the Academy of Management's Saroj Parasuraman Award in 2010, the Dorothy Harlow Distinguished Paper Award in 2006 and 2008, the Ulrich-Lake Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Human Resource Management Journal and has also been featured in the Cincinnati Enquirer, USA Today, and the Times of India. She is currently an Associate Editor for the Academy of Management Journal. She has also served on the editorial boards of AMJ and OBHDP, as a guest co-editor for AMR, and on a number of committees for the HR and OB divisions.  She was awarded the 2014 Cummings Award for Early to Mid-Career Scholarly Achievement, one of the highest professional honors in the field, by the Organizational Behavior Division of the Academy of Management. 


Alison M. Konrad, Western University (Canada)2016AlisonKonrad

Alison M. Konrad, Ph.D.  I am a Professor of Organizational Behavior and holder of the Corus Entertainment Chair in Women in Management at the Ivey Business School, Western University in Ontario, CANADA.  My research interests focus upon making organizations more diverse and inclusive to reflect the stakeholder communities that they serve.  I have published over 50 scholarly articles in journals such as the Academy of Management Journal, the Academy of Management Learning & Education, Administrative Science Quarterly, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, Human Resource Management, Organization Management Journal, Psychological Bulletin, and the Strategic Management Journal.  I was Program Chair for the Women in Management Division in 1995 and worked to change the name to Gender and Diversity in Organizations as Chair and Past Chair of the Division.  I was VP of Program for the Eastern Academy of Management in 1996, served as President in 1998 and became an EAM Fellow in 2004.  I have served on many Editorial Boards and was Editor of Group & Organization Management from 2003 to 2007.  I am convinced that our editorial processes strive for fairness and excellence and have progressed substantially since the early 1990s.  However, we face the ongoing challenges of privileging functionalist work, quantitative work, and North American-centric work in our system of knowledge creation.  As a Representative at Large on the AOM Board of Governors, I will work to develop policies for dealing with both ongoing and emerging issues in our publication processes in ways that better serve all sectors of the AOM membership. 


Carrie Leana, University of Pittsburgh2016Carrie

Carrie Leana is the George H. Love Professor of Organizations and Management at the University of Pittsburgh, where she holds appointments in the Katz Graduate School of Business, the School of Medicine, and the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs. She is also Director of the Center for Healthcare Work and on the board of directors of the Aging Institute. Carrie has published two books and more than 100 articles on such topics as authority structures, employment relations, and human and social capital. In the Academy of Management, Carrie has served as Chair of the Organizational Behavior Division (2011), in the leadership track of the OB Division (2007-2012), on the OB Division Executive Committee (1997-2000), and on the All-Academy Program Theme Committee (2013). She also served two terms on the editorial board of the Academy of Management Review. Her book, Coping with Job Loss (with D. Feldman), was a finalist for the Academy of Management's Terry Book Award. Carrie is a former senior Fulbright scholar, and has received numerous honors, including the Aspen Institute's Faculty Pioneer Award recognizing her integration of social impact topics into research and teaching. She has held visiting international appointments in Asia, Australia, Europe and South America. Her research has been supported by the National Science Foundation, the Sloan Foundation, and the Russell Sage Foundation, among others. Carrie's current research is focused on low-wage workers. She is also writing a book on human and social capital in public schools.


David Patient, Católica-Lisbon School of Business and Economics (Portugal)2016DavidPatient

David Patient is an Associate Professor at Católica-Lisbon School of Business and Economics in Lisbon, Portugal, where he is also Associate Dean and Academic Director of the Lisbon MBA. He has a law degree from University College London (UK) and an MBA and a PhD in Organizational Behavior from the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia (Canada). His research interests include organizational justice, managerial communication, and teams. David is particularly interested in how the communication of negative news can affect employee attitudes, motivation, and fairness perceptions. His work has been published in Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Journal of Management, Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Organizational Behavior, and Organization Studies. David has lived in many countries and has recently taught in India, Tunisia, France, Germany, Poland, and Angola. During his more than 15 years of membership in the Academy of Management, David has not missed an annual conference, and has chaired and/or participated in numerous symposia, workshops, paper sessions, and social events. David also served in the International Theme Committee, as Chair of Emerald Award for Best International Symposium (2010) and the Carolyn Dexter Award for Best International Paper (2012), and as Committee Chair (2013). David was invited to found and chair (2014-2016) an International Committee for the Organizational Behavior Division, with the aim to better welcome, support, and address the needs of the division's increasingly international membership.  


Christine Quinn Trank, Vanderbilt UniversityChris Quinn Trank

Christine Quinn Trank is on the faculty of Vanderbilt University's Peabody College of Education and Human Development.  As Associate Professor of the Practice, she teaches organization theory and behavior in the Leadership, Policy and Organizations department.  Trank received her Ph.D. in Business at the University of Iowa and has been a part of the Academy of Management since 1992.  Chris has served as associate editor of Academy of Management Review and is currently editor of Academy of Management Learning and Education.  She was also co-editor of Journal of Management Inquiry, and has been on many editorial boards, including Academy of Management Journal and Academy of Management Discoveries.
Chris has served on committees in the Organizational Behavior, Organization and Management Theory, and Management Education and Development divisions, received the Service Excellence Award from Academy of Management Learning and Education and has been recognized as top reviewer on three different Academy of Management journals.  Chris is a regular volunteer facilitator on teaching roundtables for various divisions, as well as for writers' workshops for those new to the scholarship of teaching, learning and education.
Her research has been published in several journals, including Academy of Management Review, Academy of Management Learning and Education, and Organizational Research Methods.  Her research has focused on the institutional environment of education, but most recently she has turned her attention to the role of compassion in our research methods, as well as rhetorical history as strategy in educational organizations such as Teach for America and charter schools.


Batia Mishan Wiesenfeld , New York UniversityBatia Wiesenfeld(1)

Batia Mishan Wiesenfeld is the Andre J.L. Koo Professor of Management and Chair of the Department of Management and Organizations at the Leonard N. Stern School of Business, New York University. She received her Ph.D. in Management and Organizational Behavior from the Columbia University Graduate School of Business. Batia's current role at NYU involves her in new programs and extending our global reach because NYU prides itself on being a global network university.
Batia's teaching and research interests focus on the management of organizational change, drawing upon justice, identity, and construal level lenses. She studies organizations in various industries undergoing downsizing, restructuring and technology-induced change, exploring how to maintain the productivity and commitment of remaining employees. She also studies virtual and mobile work, online communities and the careers of top executives and directors. Her work often combines lab and field methodologies, and makes empirical and conceptual contributions.
Batia has published her work in top organizations journals as well as top psychology journals, and currently serves as a Senior Editor of the Journal Organization Science. Current and former editorial board memberships include Administrative Science Quarterly, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Organizational Psychology Review, and Academy of Management Perspectives. She served as Representative-at-Large for the Organizational Behavior Division, and have actively contributed to the MOC, OMT, and CM divisions as well.



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